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Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is an area, which we can help you with.

Making a decision to outsource is an important step for any organization which is why our flexibility in our services and the quality of our products have earned us our strong reputation within the industry.

HB Medical manufactures a wide range of pharmaceuticals and accessories to meet customer specific requirements. We can also help you with contract manufacturing of cosmetics.

HB Medical have many years of experience as a contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. We know all the demands, laws and procedures that surrounds this operation.

Our staff recieves ongoing training in the latest GMP-standards and regulations and the entire HB Medical organization is 100 % comitted to the production of pharmaceuticals.

Whether you need assistance in product sourcing or product manufacturing. HB Medical are fully capable of handling all of your manufacturing needs so you can rest assured that you’re only receiving the best product manufacturing service from us.