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Biotech Services

HB Medical can help with various services within biotech. Read here what we can help you with.

Import of non-registered pharmaceuticals

HB Medical has experienced a rise in demand from biotech and pharma companies relating to handling of non-core services such as import of non-registered pharmaceuticals from 3rd countries, storage, and more.

HB Medical offers a wide range of GxP services to our customers under our authorization under the Danish Medicines Act and all other international health authorities

Biotech Services

Clinical Trial Supply Services

Our specialized and professional staff can accommodate all different types of clients with taylor-made services related to clinical trial supply, offering:

  • Design and print of labels in compliance with annex 13 of EU GMP
  • Randomization
  • Sourcing for comparators
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Storage
  • Return, reconciliation¬†& destruction
  • QP batch release

With our distribution services you are guaranteed the appropriate storage conditions for your pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Storage at controlled temperatures provides the optimal product protection from manufacturing to point of use.


HB Medical can import APIs and pharmaceuticals from 3rd countries (outside of EU) of all medical products and substances for both investigational medicines and commercial production.

HB Medical has the authorization under The Danish Health and Medicines Authority to import from 3rd countries.


HB Medical offers ambient, cold and freeze storage of APIs and other products. We consider storage an act of trust and security and quality is therefore top of mind. Quality assurance is performed by our QA department under GMP regulations.

Our Facilities have 24 hrs. surveillance, 24/7 emergency hot-line and 24 hrs. video surveillance.


HB Medical has many years of experience with managing logistics and is able to handle all areas of the logistics process.

The tried and proved processes ensure that we always deliver accordingly and within GDP regulations.