HB Medical ensures all aspects related to contract manufacturing for our clients; from custom formulation of substances and products to the ordering and shipment process. This is a great advantage as we have the manufacturing facilities needed to produce the finished goods.

At HB Medical we offer services relating to product development and our involvement extends from consultancy related to initial development, tests, primary and secondary packaging materials, to supply. At HB Medical we do not offer any standard solutions, every solution is developed bottom up.


HB Medical offers GMP based contract manufacturing of medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements etc. produced in our modern manufacturing facilities. HB Medical is specialized in the production and filling of liquids and gels etc. and offers a high capacity and flexibility for our customers. Our facilities are continually maintained and upgraded to ensure quality and efficiency to our customers.


HB Medical is a contract manufacturing organization specialized in filling and packaging small and medium series. Repack can consist of altering the package size, labelling, replacing (products) inserts, adding batch numbers and/or expiration dates to labels. All the processes are performed in compliance with GMP, i.e. batch documentation, accountability and traceability.


Manufacturing takes place in an environment of a dedicated and professional staff respectful of the highest industry ethics. HB Medical has a GMP license under the Danish Medicines Act. Client confidentiality is fully ensured, as is product traceability. An audit of our company by a customer is always welcome as it gives us the opportunity to improve the high quality standards we strive for.